Caregiver Friendly Communities Assessment

Support and FAQs

Why was this assessment created and who is the assessment intended for?

The Caregiver Friendly Communities Assessment was designed as a tool for Aging Network professionals, advocates, and community leaders to measure how well the health and social service systems in the state’s cities, townships and counties are doing in supporting unpaid family members, friends, and neighbors who are providing care for older persons with disabling conditions.

How do I complete the assessment?

The first step in completing the assessment is printing out a PDF version of the assessment. We recommend reading and completing the guide first, then returning to enter answers here, in the online assessment tool. Please note you must create a free account or log into your existing account to download the assessment guide.

What should I do with the results?

We hope you use the results to expand and improve the supports available to caregivers in your community and advocate for improvements, using your assessment report to help make the case to decision-makers for program changes and resource allocation. Since this assessment is in its early stages, we do not yet have sufficient baseline data from which to compare across communities. Over time, we expect to collect this data and be able to generate new reports that allow communities to compare themselves against like communities (as measured by population density and community type).

Who should be involved in completing this assessment?

Aging services professionals, senior advocates, caregiving service professionals, community leaders, and others knowledgeable in the supports available for caregivers in your community. For the most comprehensive results, we suggest taking the assessment as a team of two to four individuals from varying organizations or backgrounds. We highly recommend including a representative from your local area agency on aging on the assessment-taking team.

How much time will it take to complete?

We estimate it will take 2-3 days to gather all the information necessary to accurately answer the questions contained in the assessment and about 30 minutes to enter your answers online.

What will I get when I complete this assessment?

Once complete, you will receive both a one-page Snapshot Report with your score summary and a detailed Assessment Report with your scores and a listing of your areas of growth and challenge for each of the eight measured domains. Your report will also include a link to our resource website for additional sample programs and best practices.

What programs should I consider adding in my community to better serve caregivers?

We are in an on-going process of compiling best practices in each of the eight domains. This is a continually developing resource that includes best practices as well as promising new programs. Visit to access the list of best practices at any time.

Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions or comments, contact the Area Agency on Aging 1-B:
Phone: 248-262-9222 /

How To Use the Report

The report is intended to be used as a tool for advocacy and resource development in your community. It can be used to show evidence of the need for new and enhanced services in your community when approaching funders and community leaders. The report will include recommendations for areas of improvement based on your community’s score. You can visit for current best practices that pertain to the domains and services that are identified as needing improvement in your community. We hope that you will use the report along with the compiled best practices to development plans for new and improved services in your community.